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Ilan Dray
7 min readApr 4, 2016

What is WeKast?

WeKast is a super-fast, incredibly-easy, wireless device to enable you to present from your phone, to any screen, anywhere you want.

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The Anecdote

I have learned so much by being part of one the most successful crowdfunding project in the history of Kickstarter & Indiegogo for a Revolutionary Carry-On Luggage called G-Ro created by Netta Shalgi, that successfully funded more than $4.2 Million.


Netta is the kind of talented person who is also a perfectionist. During a meet-up about his successful project, he really emphasized the importance of creating strong visuals for the crowdfunding campaign to tell the story and connect the audience to pledge for the project.

Working on the WeKast crowdfunding campaign, we’ve made a lot of research to understand the structure of a successful project from the video itself to the full project page hierarchy of how to best present our story for this innovative presentation solution.

My first learning is that there is a real format to tell a story and that it would be very cool to share it with the world to inspire designers and to offer to worldwide entrepreneurs the opportunity to create their own campaign even if they don’t have necessarily the possibility to have a designer to help them.


Feel FREE to create your own Kickstarter / Indiegogo campaign with this cool goodies with many standard crowdfunding components that will make your project successful.

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Grab The Best Crowdfunding PSD Design Kit for Free!!!

The Crowdfunding Project Cover

The Cover of your crowdfunding campaign is critical :) it need to be inviting with a proper call to action



WeKast Project Cover invites you to play the cool video we’ve produced :)

The Technical Specifications

Give a maximum of details in the technical specifications and make sure also that the regulations are legal. You can also specify “ The exact specifications are subject to minor changes as we optimize the design for mass production.”, because during production you can always have some surprises.

All the shots prepared for Kickstarter / Indiegogo campaign have 800 pixels width, except the cover of the video that is prepared for HD resolution view as 1024 x768 pixels.



The WeKast Technical Specifications

If you can create a 3D view of your product, it will add a WOW effect which will be much more impressive :)

3D Model WeKast

The Rewards

You need to create cool Rewards for the users to pledge depending also on their budget to show their support … Think twice when you create this visual.



WeKast Rewards

The Stretch Goals

The Stretch Goals will be revealed step by step during the campaign to engage the users to be more active and share the campaign to help us get to the goals and unlock the new cool rewards.

In exclusivity for Dribbble & Medium, so I’m pleased to introduce you the WeKast Rewards :)



WeKast Silver Ice Edition

The Team

It’s very important to present the team beautifully because backers connect not only to a product or an idea but also to people and their smile :D



Yes, We Kast!

The Project Timeline

The project timeline takes into consideration the production time and more parameters that need to be seriously taken in considered before you even start a crowdfunding campaign.



WeKast Timeline Preview :) Please visit the campaign on Kickstarter to see the full version.


The Crowdfunding Project Launch Invitation

It is necessary to celebrate the long preparation of a crowdfunding campaign and to properly create a launch event. The first Backers will definitively be your closest friends and family :) It’s also the opportunity to invite bloggers, journalists and other media to give them the exclusivity.

Thanks again to BillGuard for their wonderful roof … It’s always a pleasure to have the support from the tech community :) Merci!



WeKast Kickstarter Launch Party :) Yooooopi!

License stuff:

The sole purpose of this file is to help you pitch, design and build amazing crowdfunding projects. The file nor its elements are to be re-purposed as your own. It can’t be broken apart and used to create similar tools.

FREE PSD of all WeKast Kickstarter Campaign :)
Yes, We Cast!

WeKast is a super-fast, incredibly-easy, wireless device to enable you to present from your phone, to any screen, anywhere you want.

In exclusivity for our Dribbble & Medium Fans … I’m very happy to offer the PSD of all the Kickstarter Campaign that will give you finally a fantastic open source to create your own crowdfunding campaign and boost your project :)

In exchange, I simply ask that you support our cool campaign by sharing it to the world and back this cool project and powerful presentation tool that lets you engage with your audience. Just Plug & Cast!

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WeKast is a pocket-sized professional presentation solution that you can count on. You present your content straight from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. WeKast delivers it where you want — — to ANY screen.

Simple and streamlined. Just plug and cast!


Smile :)

Who am I?

My name is Ilan Dray, the Founder & Creative Director of Inkod Hypera Ltd. www.inkod.com.

We Love Designing User Experience, Sharing Our Knowledge and Taking Part In Adventures.

We created also a very unique & innovative accelerator called www.toDay.ventures.

toDay is a Boost program dedicated for early stage B2B Startups, helping technology-driven entrepreneurs, make their product work with the best team of experts ever!

Also as an entrepreneur myself, I was a part of the creation of the famous blog for the Israeli Designers Community with Sagi Shrieber called www.pixelperfect.co.il and strong believer that you need to share your knowledge to make a better world.

International lecturer, Magician as an hobby, Drones lover and Michael Jackson fan … nature is not my only muse but it’s all about the people too.

Aspire to inspire is my motto.

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Ilan Dray

Senior Director Global Brand Experience @Aqua / Co-Founder Inkod & toDay.ventures / Mentor & International Speaker / Author of Fusion Experience / Web 3.0 Lover