Fusion Experience: Unboxing The Future of User Experience

Ilan Dray
9 min readFeb 22, 2021

Fusion Experience enriches your digital life seamlessly by connecting all the services that make user experience better, more fluid, and on the go. This holistic philosophy is the secret sauce of successful unicorns and now revealed in a book written by Ilan Dray and co-authored by Amanda Lasser.

Fusion Experience, the book, is limited to only 500 signed Deluxe Edition copies… so it’s time to tease you even more!

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A philosophy by Ilan Dray / Co-Authored by Amanda Lasser

What is Fusion Experience?

In such a connected world where we can instantly have everything at our fingertips, the user has become very disconnected from the digital experience as a whole. Fusion Experience invites you to change your mindset and to create holistic digital experiences that are more connected, with more benefits and incentives to leave the user wanting more.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou

This methodology has a strong impact for any growing business. On a personal level, it gives you the tools to think differently, to express yourself, to develop new communication skills, and to collaborate with others so you can maximize your potential, which will translate to developing and creating better interactions with your audience and future generations. It also allows you to empower your team with a scalable design thinking process, as well as other techniques to make your process even better.

FX 2021 / Yep! The book is also yellow on the inside … No joke! And it’s not planned to be an e-book!

The Fusion Experience Website

The discovery experience was popular back in the day, but unfortunately, these days everyone wants it yesterday. We see examples of this in relationships and social networks, from Tinder to instant stories on Instagram, or by creating some ephemeral rooms in Clubhouse. It reflects the consumerist era and capitalism to the extreme.

It’s an opportunity for a change!
A new philosophy needs to be introduced step by step in order to make it more accessible to everyone, and the concept of the website was based on this simple idea. We want you to visit the website and explore. To play with your curiosity, to interact, and to discover everyday a bit more of the hidden secrets, and to enjoy the seduction process.

The website for Fusion Experience is divided into different sections that invite you to see many use cases and projects that are gates into other worlds.
Most importantly, it will be so intriguing, that you’ll listen to a podcast or an interview, or read even more to enrich yourself and acquire additional information. It is an integral part of the experience, and it will leave you feeling inspired.


The Fusion Experience Business Cards

I still remember the day I received the metallic business card of Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple. How can you forget such a unique sensation from the cold contact of the card, which was in stark contrast to such a warm and nice person. Everything down to the last detail was styled simply to perfection.

Woz Experience is unique and so inspiring

My FX business card is made from the latest technology in print, and it’s more than just a business card. It is an invitation to connect, to brainstorm your ideas with me, and to just be in touch! The logo is laser cut onto a 3 millimeter thick metallic card, fit with a gold frame and embossed with an Italian pattern created by Hermès. All design decisions were about going far into the details to give the holder maximum pleasure and be even more intrigued.

Business cards are so passé! In this challenging Coronavirus time, most interactions are over Zoom video conference calls. So now, more than ever, when I do finally meet someone in person, I will give respect with a proper and unique business card!

FX Godfather ;)

The definition of Godfather is pretty cool actually:
“A man who is influential or pioneering in a movement or organization.”

The Fusion Experience Deluxe Box

I will always remember the book of Helmut Newton on the SUMO stand designed by Philipp Stark which comes inside a tailor-made box.

Thanks Helmut & Stark for inspiring me

When you receive the FX book in its dark box displaying the gold FX monogram, it will spark the feeling of finding a treasure! Inside this black matte box, inspired by Louis Vuitton, encases the yellow FX book. It’s like a light in the dark and a source of inspiration. The magnet closure system is smart, and the opening of the box feels like you just received a jewel. The monogram also appears inside, on satin matte paper, but bigger and laminated… Black on black, brilliant, subtle and elegant.

FX Deluxe Limited Edition / Only 500 copies will be produced and signed by the author

Your senses will be activated upon unboxing this gem. When your hands come into contact with the smooth fabric and velvet pad, it’s as if a diamond was fitted perfectly into its niche. After you lift the book out of the box, from a tailor-made satin ribbon, you will be submerged by the fragrance of Antaeus by Chanel to activate your sense of smell.

The first copies come with a special GOLD Stand for holding the book.

It is all about seduction, so let’s fuse!

From Microcosm to Macrocosm

The Fusion Experience Book

The book’s format is horizontal and panoramic. When you open it, it will give you an immersive experience like in the real world.
It includes 11 chapters and The Extra one that will inspire you forever.
The intermission is written by Amanda, in addition to a full chapter about the impact of FX in her life.
It is more than 100 pages, and a wonderful journey into my creative world, and the Fusion Experience philosophy.

Umberto AKA Toto… Chapeau!

The book includes some B2B and B2C Use cases, tools, tips, some unique workshop ideas, and of course the FX methodology. It is called a philosophy since it is an invitation to develop it in your own way and adapt it to your real needs. You will then become an FX expert, and be part of the FX family since it’s all about Fusion Experiences.

Thanks Lior Suchard for the inspiring quote!

Each chapter’s title is illustrated by an international artist to inspire you and invite you to discover and hopefully even interact with them.
Their artwork is alive and becomes them as music unveils your sense of hearing.

The Fusion Experience Artists ❤ Thank you All

N / Audrey Azulay - Hommage à Klimt (January 2021)

I / Lena Brunshtein - Nocturno (May 2012)

II / Alex Tomato Zero - Tribal Art (October 2018)

III / Νικόλας Λίνδερ - Broken Mirror (January 2021)

IV / Munbaz - Bruce Lee (July 2019)

V / Marina Ho - Name Art (Month Year)

VI / Nanang Lugonto - Spring Koi (May 2020)

VII / Barbara Turini - Le Corbeau et Le Loup (June 2020) + Umberto

— / Yoram Salamon - Streets are my religion (January 2018)

VIII / ShimDa - Masked by the Muse (July 2017)

IX / Alex Tomato Zero - Enjoystick (January 2021)

X / Tom Hooliganov - The Moon Man (April 2018)

XI / Asia Sapir - Come To Your River (November 2020)

∞ / Liliane Danino - Élan 1/1 (May 2019)

Thanks To Naele Yousefi / instagram.com/naeleyousefi1992

Special thanks to Barbara Lasser for editing the book ❤

The Fusion Experience Impact

Holistic methodology that works big time!

As co-founder of Inkod.com, the team of Lions are experts at defining the best user experience and product interface, but most importantly is to create a holistic approach that will make the difference!

As Former VP Creative at Cybereason, Fusion Experience was implemented successfully and proud to be part of the $200M funding journey.
A new unicorn is born!


As Senior Director of Creative at Aqua, I invite you to read even more about Aqua reimagined and feel the impact of a great teamwork!

Fresh UPDATE : Aqua Sec is a UNICORN!

As Mentor at The Israel Aerospace Industries Innovation Center powered by Starburst, we’ve developed a 10-hour FX workshops for startups that completely boost their vision and bring a strong impact!

Enjoy this great podcast by Dot Lung about the FX impact conversation:

++ $3B Product Design Made with Love ❤ Check out some great use cases at www.inkod.com

The Fusion Experience Thanks Card

Each book is numbered, signed, and will receive a personalized wish card with your name laser cut on the matte prelude paper burnt on the edge.
It is my personal touch to tell you Merci!

❤ Handmade with Love ❤

The Fusion Experience Authors

Special Thanks to Tom Hooliganov for the Photography

Ilan Dray is the Senior Director of Creative at Aqua Security and Former VP Creative at Cybereason.

With over 25 years of experience in advertising and multimedia, Ilan created the Fusion Experience philosophy to bring a holistic approach to product design. As a co-founder of Inkod.com, a leading UX/UI Studio in Israel and one of the top 100 digital agencies worldwide, Ilan has extensive experience in B2B digital product design across different technology areas, with a focus on cybersecurity. Ilan is also a partner and adviser at ToDay Ventures, a Tel Aviv-based accelerator, and a mentor at IAI Innovation Center powered by Starburst. He’s also widely known as “The UX Magician”, Ilan frequently speaks at global events dedicated to design, media, UX/UI, and more.

Amanda Lasser has a formal education in graphic design and has been in the industry for over 12 years. She received her Master’s from Pratt Institute in New York City, where she also taught a web design course for several years. Six years ago she transitioned to UX/UI Design after being an Interactive Designer in the industry.

Amanda has worked with various clients in advertising, corporate, and consulting firms in industries including retail, financial, health and life sciences, and education. She has a passion for typography, pixel perfection design abilities, and a general curiosity for how things work and how to improve the user’s journey through all things digital.

The FX Book is Limited to only 500 signed Deluxe Edition copies…
so don’t miss it, Pre order yours Now!


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